On April 5, 2017, The U and its nationally ranked Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) video game development program announced that they are forming the U’s first college-sponsored varsity esports program.  U team will compete in various games and to begin with League of Legends has been identified as the first game, while other games will be announced in due course of time. Esports has had a dramatic rise in popularity in

Since the rise of competitive video gaming the terminology to describe the activity and cultural phenomenon was ‘Electronic Sports’, shorted to ‘e-Sports’ and then ‘eSports’. This distinction was purposed to draw a connection professional sports and competitive video gaming, being electronic. Over time this term would carry its own definitive meaning for the participants, now athletes, and the industry which stands firmly and uniquely as its own. The Associated Press

On October 20, Sony announced its entry into eSports with NBA2K17. They have launched the tournament feature in partnership with ESL for PS4. Gamers will be able to find and participate in competitions organized by ESL, using the PlayStation App or ESL Play to take advantage of interaction features such as Check-in. The first Major Tournament in North America was for NBA 2K17, running from October 27 to November 26, with Major

Its notable that eSports is growing like a wild fire across the world. Interesting thing to note is that it’s also helping established Sports grow. Recently FIFA in their paper “FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future”, they not only have made it clear that they will carry on expanding their presence in eSports but also emphasized that they will be setting up a focused group to explore possibilities of

Investments keep flowing in eSports, Not only in the eSports Tech / Platforms / eSports Organizations but in the eSports teams too. Latest is NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) a Swedish eSports teamwhich raised $600k with a valuation of ~$12.5 Mn. NiP has successful teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with DOTA2 & League of Legends and very recently set up a “Overwatch” Squad too. As per company’s recent annual report NiP

Premier League (World’s Richest Sports League) Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live from the Premier League launch in Islington on Wednesday morning(10th Aug) when Asked Which league or sport he sees as the main competitors to the Premier League, he said: I see it wider than that. I see gaming, all sorts of digital gaming, I see all sorts of young people spending time on their

So, here is the viewership of Olympics and a comparison with eSports Viewership on Twitch. Do I need to Say More ?

This Infographic says it all, Gaming is Engaging and may be one of the Best Engagement Platforms, hmm that’s Interesting. So now as the CMO of your company you may be already using Video Games as one of the tools to “Advertise” your brand, so what’s New. Did you note that I have intentionally used the word “Advertise” instead of “Engaging your Target Audience”, well here is the reason: You

Answering to the Question !! It has happened ALREADY !!! As NewZoo reported some time back eSports is the biggest disruption to hit our industry since the iPhone in 2007

As I always have said and believed, eSports is getting bigger and better every day I am writing this post while watching a documentary on “World of Tanks and eSports” on Natgeo in India on my TV.  World of Tanks (developed by Wargaming) is a online multiplayer Video Game played on PC/Consoles and is played by more than 70 Mn gamers across the world. Below is the promotional video of this