I am back with the eSports Nuggets for you, it’s been quite a while have not posted anything, was preparing for the 7th World eSports Championship, Korea, organized by International eSports Federation. Over past couple of weeks lot of interesting stuff has happened in eSports World, will be covering all of it in my subsequent posts. And trust me with each passing day eSports is getting better and better !!

So, dAwesomeNinja is back with some updates and OMG moments of eSports only for you ! “eSports will generate $1.8 billion by 2020, according to a recent report, so it’s perhaps no wonder that mainstream media outlets want to get on board”. Update 1: ESPN & eSPORTS ESPN Finally Starting To Realize It Can Be ‘The ESPN Of eSports’- Check out the career section of ESPN, yes they need “an eSports Editor“. Yes,

Did I read it Right, Yes you did ! There are four US Universities which offer eSports Scholarships and here is the list: The University of Pikeville; Maryville University in St. Louis; Southwestern College in Winfield, Kan; and Robert Morris University Illinois in Chicago. Robert Morris was the one which took the lead last year in 2014 and others followed. You would have known and heard about Schools/Colleges/Courses for development

They said eSports will never fill the stadiums………. This Picture Says it All & We are Loving It !! And by the way LOL means League of Legends ! Photo Credits: CS:GO Lounge

This latest article in ESPN Strengthens my belief in eSports. Having said so, it needs attention of any body who is not aware of the potential of eSports (be it in India or world over). This article has been published by ESPN, whose President John Skipper last year said “IT’S NOT A SPORT —  IT’S A COMPETITION…  MOSTLY, I’M  INTERESTED IN DOING  REAL SPORTS.” ESPN later went on to broadcast eSports game Dota

eSports is especially attractive to sponsors because it provides a way to target an especially valuable consumer, the engaged PC gamer who spends more on hardware and software than the average gamer. This is similar to the highly attractive audience who watches golf on television, as sports networks are able to command a premium for advertising because golf viewers are a high spend audience. The following graph shows the average