eSports is especially attractive to sponsors because it provides a way to target an especially valuable consumer, the engaged PC gamer who spends more on hardware and software than the average gamer.

This is similar to the highly attractive audience who watches golf on television, as sports networks are able to command a premium for advertising because golf viewers are a high spend audience.

The following graph shows the average amount of money PC gamers spent on their current gaming system and peripherals. Gifts and factory-included peripherals are counted as $0, which contributes to the low average peripheral spend for eSports non-participants.

eSports viewers spend more than twice as much on peripherals and 30 percent more on their system as PC gamers that do not participate in eSports. On average, eSports viewers spent more than $100 on their current peripherals. It makes sense that eSports players will spend a premium on peripherals to maximize competitive performance. The data suggests that eSports viewers are also willing to spend to maximize their gaming performance.

“eSports viewers are more engaged gamers across different gaming experiences”.

The following table shows the annual video game spend across console and PC for PC gamers, segmented by eSports participation.

Our sources estimate that has >2Mn Monthly Unique Visitors from India !!

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