This Infographic says it all, Gaming is Engaging and may be one of the Best Engagement Platforms, hmm that’s Interesting.

So now as the CMO of your company you may be already using Video Games as one of the tools to “Advertise” your brand, so what’s New.

Did you note that I have intentionally used the word “Advertise” instead of “Engaging your Target Audience”, well here is the reason:

  • You may be pushing “INTRUSIVE ADS” within these Video Games, most of you do that. Not only me but rest all the 1.9Bn Gamers worldwide “HATE IT”, same way as you hate an advertisement in between your favorite Movie or a Match.
  • You may be getting some cheap mobile games” built around your brand, which eventually die as your Target Audience (TG) forgets and doesn’t even care after 10-15 days.

I am not trying to generalize it for all the Brands, but let’s brace the truth, this is what happens most of the times.

Now the question “is this the RIGHT WAY??”, of course “Yes” may be because there was no other way till last couple of years, though I would have disagreed to your Yes back then too.

Let me share the secret which is now out there in Open, but have you taken a note – eSPORTS is what you need.

There are so many successful Video Games (Clash Royale, Counter Strike, League of Legends, DOTA2 etc) where you have Millions and Millions of Daily Active Users, who spend hrs and hrs playing these games.

Mr. CMO: OK, thanks Ninja, so now lets call these Game Developers and “Push” our ads in there & INTRUDE the Gamers


For an obvious reasons that these Game Developers are Smart Developers and they know that their customer is not your Brand but its the “GAMER” and a “GAMER” which is their Customer (I am kinda repeating this statement again) does not like intrusive ads or any kind of Brand endorsements within the game while they are playing these games.

So, now we are back to square one !

No, you are not. Games like Clash Royale, Counter Strike, League of Legends, DOTA2 are multiplayer games and that is where “eSports” comes into Picture and that’s where you should be investing your monies. eSports is competitive Video Gaming and Gamers from more than 152 countries are actively involved.

Oh, you are taking about Sponsorships, Sorry, we don’t Sponsor and neither believe in it.

Read this if that was the standard statement/response you give.

IF YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE ADVERTISERS: Find sponsorship opportunities for them that drive customers straight into YOUR ARMS.These are the most lucrative ad deals (…..). Ad inventory is a horrible business model. Sponsorships are better. Then you are talking to your customer.” James Altucher

Here is an overview of where you can Invest your marketing budget:

  1. eSports Teams/Players
  2. Local eSports Tournaments/Championships
  3. Branded eSports Content
  4. Create your own eSports Tournament IP

Feel free to reach out to us to help you build some wonderful stories of your brand and eSports.

We don’t fit eSports into your Brand, but do it the OTHER WAY AROUND.

Will write a separate post highlighting key Strategies on eSports Engagements

eSports, I am loving it 🙂

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