Premier League (World’s Richest Sports League) Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live from the Premier League launch in Islington on Wednesday morning(10th Aug) when Asked Which league or sport he sees as the main competitors to the Premier League, he said:

I see it wider than that. I see gaming, all sorts of digital gaming, I see all sorts of young people spending time on their devices doing all sorts of things to entertain themselves, with social media generally.

What he said next is worth noting

We don’t necessarily see other sports — I think that’s a little narrow, in terms of our competitors.

Well, to me his first statement is no Surprise. eSports is a phenomenon and is Community Driven and yes its Spreading and growing like a wild fire.

The football Clubs & Teams have realized this and have already started signing up their eSports teams e.g. Manchester City, West HamFC Schalke 04

eSports is heading towards becoming a Billion Dollar Industry, but for me its already there and we have an Unicorn of eSports already.

Early this month eSports Start-up “Sport of the Heroes” raised 81Mn $ from Focus Media for 8.24 equity.

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